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Supremely flexible software handles all eventualities

From one-off classes and events, to multi session training courses and everything they entail. Whatever you require, we have it covered

Booking Diary

Wherever you are, you can access, book, amend, analyse and manage all your bookings and so much more in your diary. Easy to read, easy to operate and easy to make amendments plus fully automated to ensure every interested party is informed and organised. Appointments and private lessons can all be managed alongside classes within the diary.

Online Booking Calendar

Place your free booking button or personalised booking calendar onto your website or Facebook page, or simply use your personal booking page to make it easy for your customers to book time and again. It’s so easy to set up and integrate with your business, then in a matter of minutes, your days of answering the phone and replying to emails are behind you, as your customers enjoy a simple confirmed booking process.

Customer Relationship Management

Your student data is your business' biggest asset. Get all your student data in one place. Keep in touch with your students and use integrated marketing to conduct simple yet effective campaigns.


Let your booked students know they have a confirmed appointment and then automatically remind them the day before. Let your staff members know that they are booked. In fact email any party that needs to be notified, instantly and free. By automating these processes you save everyone's time and ensure that there are no errors or miscommunications.

Booking notifications

Remind your students of their bookings and reclaim profits lost in the past by participants forgetting appointments or just not showing up.


Create offers and promotions as and when your business needs dictate. Our software is fully automated to receive, manage, validate and control all bookings from Groupon and OurDeal marketplaces. Set your promotion up and then just enjoy the continuing flow of new students without any extra effort or marketing cost. You can limit the number of ‘promotional’ participants to keep places for regular customers and even amend this as the date for new courses approach.

Unlimited staff and resources in any location

No matter how big or small your business, we are flexible enough to manage all the variables. However many staff you employ, resources you require or locations you operate from, our system can manage bookings for classes and courses simply, efficiently and automatically, leaving you free to either focus on your business, or take some well earned time off!


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